Half of My Ministry to Missionary Families

This summer I have been gritting my teeth and forcing myself to do something that I hate. That’s right, I HATE asking people for money. I loath it actually. It makes me feel insecure and helpless. I’m used to earning my own pay check. So, asking for help so often is really shaping me. I have had to humble myself more than I ever imagined.

When I signed on to teach and counsel students at The Black Forest Academy, I thought solely about the job that I would be doing in Germany. I knew for sure that God wanted me there to love students. I have actually known that this was my next destination, after working at East Lake, since 2008. It took 3 years to finish my masters (classes), sell many of my possessions, and raise the money that I needed to commit to this career. It was a long transition period that I first attributed to the time I needed to complete Seminary. I KNEW that school would take a while to finish. What I didn’t anticipate was how long it would take to raise the money that I needed.

I don’t think I realized how important fund-raising was.
I spent all of my time in Germany working on curriculum, teaching, leading small groups, and helping out in the dorms. I avoided talking about money as much as possible. Since I’ve been home, I have dedicated a lot of my time to fundraising. It was a necessary evil, or so I thought. Today, I had an epiphany.

Fundraising is half of my ministry to the families of The Black Forest Academy.
Missionary families already pay a high price to send their children away to BFA.     Students are often sponsored by supporters, in order to attend BFA. The money paid to the school goes toward their housing and the basic cost of keeping the school running. So, the money that I raise to be a teacher at BFA enables missionaries to send their children to BFA for a price that is affordable.

So many people say to me: “I don’t understand. You are doing a regular job in Germany, but you aren’t getting paid for it?” Well, I don’t do a normal job. I do a special job. I participate in a community that is trying to change the world. I have no trouble talking about what I do. I’m very passionate about the Black Forest Academy and the ministry that I’m part of. So, I’ve decided to change my perspective.

If I’ve asked you for financial help, please understand how hard that is for me.
Yet, be assured, that I’m feeling a lot better about it now. I’m not asking you to fund a vacation to Europe. I’m asking you to partner with me, with the 300 students that attend BFA, and with their parents which serve in over 50 countries.

With less than a week to raise about $5,000, I’m wondering if I’ve done everything I could.