The Proud Parent of 25 Teenagers

Like a proud parent that displays their child’s drawings or good grades on the fridge, I would like to show off my yearbook class to you. These are some of the pictures that the underclassmen took while the seniors were away for a week. Enjoy!

Studio Lighting Outdoors
I gave the class an introduction to studio lighting. We learned about how to use a soft-box and how to set our background exposure. Afterwards, the students took professional studio lights outside and directed their own photo shoot.

(Thaaaaaat’s Me!)

(My friend and co-worker, the Graphic Arts teacher)

(6th period Yearbook students)

(5th period yearbook students)

Playing with Bokeh

Bokeh is a Japanese term for the blur that exists outside of the depth of field. It usually refers to blurred light. That blurred light takes on the shape of the aperture shape inside of the lens. However, I taught the students how to make their own Bokeh shapes- with black paper attached to the end of the lens. Here is what they came up with!

Pattern and Texture Shots

Students learned how to take an interesting picture, by observing the detail of an object and photographing it from a close range.

Light Painting

Students learned how to use a long exposure to create art with light.
We set our shutter speed to 30 seconds and used a laser, glow sticks, and a flashlight to paint the beautiful pictures you see before you.



One comment

  1. Lori · November 2, 2012

    Lexi, I love the pictures. You’re doing a great job with your kids.

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