Two of My Loves

I know I’m not the only one with this problem. In fact, I’ve talked to staff and students who share my struggle. I know that many of you can identify with this issue as well. I think it’s fair to argue that about 40% of the world is affected by the disorder of Unproductive Productivity.

You know what this disorder looks like. When one has something really important that they should be doing, but they accomplish a long list of OTHER things that they have been putting off instead. I submit to you a personal example. On the last day of spring break: I cleaned, I did my taxes, and I took care of my bills. These are all things that I don’t enjoy doing. However, I felt compelled to do them because I was supposed to be working on the yearbook. I just couldn’t bring myself to go back to the school again.

Now, as I sit at the school, I am struggling with Unproductive Productivity again. Thus, you have this blog before you. I’m completely distracted from my deadlines and the long list of things that I need to do to get ready for this weekend. I think the things I have to write about are relevant to the list of things I need to do. So, I feel justified in taking the time to write this post.

The actual blog, of which I speak of, begins here:

There are two things that I love more than anything (excluding family, of course) right now. The first is my small group. The second is my yearbook class. Many of my small group girls are involved in my yearbook class. So, I love my yearbook class even more.

All of my small group girls are extraordinary. This is true in many ways, but I’ve seen it in my yearbook class in particular. One of my girls is the senior editor this year. She is incredibly responsible, creative, and humble. So much of our yearbook creativity is born out of her vision. Another girl is the co-editor. Her job is to do what nobody else can do, or wants to do. She is a very hard worker and quite brilliant. Another girl is the lead photo editor. She has an amazing, artistic eye for photography and photo editing. We would fall behind without her. The last small group girl in my class is my business manager. She has worked incredibly hard for us and has lowered our costs quite efficiently. I could brag about these girls, as well as my other 3 girls all day, every day. 



Something that always moves me about the small groups that I have led is how diverse they tend to be. In the past, I enjoyed the close friendships that developed in a group of girls that typically wouldn’t hang out together. Two or three girls tend to be more popular in youth group. One or two tend to be nerdier. Maybe one or two girls are athletes. The combination of students is different every time. 

This year, I have 7 students who call 7 different countries home. A few of them have the US in common. A couple of them have Switzerland in common. They all have Germany in common, of course. Yet, they have pieces of culture from: the US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Thailand, Japan, Russia, and Holland.  As important as those cultures are to them, they have their experience at BFA in common. Their all incredibly smart, but they have different interests. Some are into art. Others are into athletics. It’s amazing how unique they are. 

This year, student council introduced a theme for the year. That theme is that our BFA students are “Unique, but United.” I see this in my small group. They truly love and support each other in their uniqueness. They know each other’s stories and they appreciate their differences. I see this when they laugh together, when they support each other in hard times, and when they serve others in other countries. 

Over spring break, 5 girls from my group when on missions trips. Four of those students went on the same mission trip to Bangladesh. Here is the video from the Bangladesh trip:

My second love, as mentioned earlier, is yearbook. The most exciting part of this class is, unfortunately, the last month of actual yearbook production. This, of course, is the most stressful part of the year. I’m in the midst of it now, with only one week left to go. All of the students are feeling that stress and anxiety as well. This isn’t the part that I love about this month. What I LOVE is seeing all of the students doing what they are so good at. By this time, they have really developed their role in this class. They do their jobs so well. I work with a group of adults by this time of year, rather than the teenagers I started the year with. 

This yearbook is entirely their work of art. My only role is to enable the students to stay on task and to do what they want to do. The theme, aesthetic, photography, articles, and fact collection is all theirs. I could not be more proud of the work they are doing. 

Advertisement videos will be posted on this site and on Facebook in less than a month from now.


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