All I’ve Thought About

The Black Forest Academy is all I have thought about for the last month. I can almost say this is a literal statement. Aside from my Bible reading, the occasional day dream, and my plan for the next meal, I have only thought about BFA and how to get back there. I’ve prayed, I’ve made videos, I’ve asked people for support, I’ve written blogs, and I’ve prayed some more.
At this point, I feel like it is time to pray about something new. I still plan to ask God for financial provision, wisdom, and direction. However, I feel like it is time to start asking God to prepare my replacement. No, I’m not being dramatic. The truth of the matter is that my absence from BFA can have a ripple effect, like my presence at BFA. To cut to the chase, here is what will probably happen if I am unable to return (or even if I return late):
-My roommate, Rachel, will have to pay for rent, utilities, and Internet on her own. She is pretty much locked into our housing situation and it’s too late to move somebody else into my space. Even if it wasn’t, the musical chairs game BFA would have to play with housing arrangements would be complicated.
-One (or 3) of my colleagues would have to take my place. I can only think of 6 possible options, but they are all complicated. I just started to write out those options in detail. Needless to say, the blog would have tripled in size if I had continued. Let me sum up these possibilities by saying that it is too late for BFA to get an actual replacement. Whoever would take over my classes would already have a huge work load. Some of those people are probably praying for my return so that they don’t have to be the contingency plan. I believe my good friend and department head, who already teaches 3 classes, is on that list.
-Lastly, and most importantly, the students that I have built relationships with will have to suffer one more loss in their life. I’m not trying to boast. This loss is about consistency more than it is about me. Teachers, dorm staff, and other missionaries in our community have to come and go all of the time because of financial issues and visa regulations. I already had 25 students signed up for my yearbook class. About a third of those students were returning yearbook staff. We had plans. If I don’t return, I cant keep my promise about what they will be able to do this year. This was the year in which we were going to take our yearbook into the digital world, so that more families and friends could keep up with their lives.

I plan to be at BFA this year. However, it’s likely that I won’t make it back in time for the first semester. If I don’t, I will miss the first 5 minutes of this video:


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