All The Cool Kids Were Doing It

One of the characteristics of BFA that I value the most is the acceptance of all people. Our school is filled with students of all shapes, sizes, and colors. They have incredibly different interests. Yet, they have a lot of common ground as teenagers. If nothing else, they are unified in one thing. They are more accepting of each other than a typical group of students.

I went to a public high school in Florida, where all of the stereotypes that you see in movies existed. There was certainly a social ladder. While I chilled in the middle of that ladder, I watched the popular kids mistreat and disrespect the dorkier teenagers at the bottom. Even when they weren’t specifically victimizing people who weren’t as cool as themselves, they seemed to have a disrespect for them. Most likely, they just didn’t even know that the “lesser” group of students even existed.

It never came as a surprise, then, that most school events were packed full of students from the middle of the ladder and up. Dorkier or Nerdier students didn’t seem to feel included. On the other side of the spectrum, there were nerdier events that were scarcely attended by the other half. It was a waste of their time.

At Black Forest Academy, all students participate in most events. To be fair, their attendance is sort of required. Dorm students have to attend. Even when that is the case, they all seem enjoy it though. Tonight was a perfect example of this point.

Tonight was the Fall Party at BFA. The theme had to do with decades. Students showed up wearing an incredible array of costumes. I might add that these costumes are usually home made. We don’t have Party City, Walmart, or Goodwill to shop at. Yet, they had incredibly well put together costumes from flappers, to Newsies, to hippies, to Teletubbies. No costume was boring and no person came without a costume. Even the guys who were too cool for school came as the mafia. Everybody participated.

5-8 5-2-2 5-3-2After a diverse fashion show, in which students from different decades walked the red carpet, everyone was released to enjoy several different stations. Students had to decide how to split their time between karaoke, Just Dance, an old school soda fountain, and the photo booth (my personal favorite ;-)). When all of the students were called back together again, the winners of the fashion show were announced. Prizes were awarded to all second place winners, per decade. And the winners were awarded a very special prize. They were given the opportunity to pick a number out of a hat that corresponded with the numbers that a handful of teachers were holding. When the teacher’s number was called, they were to allow the student to throw a pie in their face.

During the award ceremony, the decades just flew by, as I waited my turn. Everybody was being called up to take their pie, except me. Some staff members were called several times. Instead of participating, I looked on with laughter. I felt sneaky, like I was getting away with something. I survived the raffle all of the way up until the last decade. While I stood on stage and grinned, the MCs of our program pointed and plotted. Sure enough, my number was the last number to be called. They confirmed with me later that they had indeed rigged that last drawing. Regardless, I took my pie like a man. Here is the proof:

PieInFaceDespite the disgusting smell of cheap whipped cream that I walked away with, I couldn’t help but feel happy about the fun community that I live in. I know for a fact that there are students at BFA that don’t feel like they fit in. Not every student is a “popular” student. Yet, on this night, we all had fun!


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