Go Be


Go to the Nations. Be the body of Christ.

This is the motto of The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM). The idea is simple. We are a group of people that have committed to leaving our home countries, for the sake of the Gospel. We recognize the global need for the message of Jesus (Romans 3:21-31) and believe the message is most effectively received through relationship. Therefore, TEAM focuses their efforts on being the body of Christ within foreign countries.

GOing involves a certain amount of sacrifice. It means we must leave the comfort of our home, our culture, and our loved ones. It means going on adventure, engaging with a new culture, and making a new home. It’s exciting! It’s not without it’s challenges though.

BEing is about existing. A huge part of missions is simply existing in another culture. Christians worldwide are meant to be a witness where they live and move. Missionaries exist as ambassadors of Jesus in a culture that is not typically aware/accepting of Him.

While this motto of going to the nations and being the body of Christ is particularly fitting for our mission, it is not an exclusive challenge. All believers are called to go (Matthew 28:28-20). They may not be called to go across the world, but they are meant to go to their neighbors- across the street, at work, and in their community. It’s about being intentional in our relationships.

In that sentiment, I am selling red leather bracelets/bands which bear the phrase “Go Be.” They are meant to serve as a reminder to be intentional about leaving our comfort zone for the purpose of living incarnationally among those who don’t know Christ. All of the profit will go directly into my TEAM account for long-term missions in Germany. This product will help me go. Please show your support for what God is doing in Germany by purchasing this reminder for yourself and sharing my link with others.



UPDATE: My sending church just finished a series on the book of Jonah. I have been convicted by this book every time I have studied it. This concluding sermon was particularly challenging. If you are willing to be challenged to have a missionary mindset where you live, work, and play, click HERE.