Spiritual Mamas

DD Women's Day Labels 54990 Preview

I have several mamas in my life. Cindy McNair is the woman who has had the joy, pain, pleasure, and chore of raising me. I can assure you, however, that it DOES take a village. The number of women in my life that have had a profound influence on me extend MUCH longer than this blog. I would like to call these women my spiritual mamas.

My spiritual mamas have been there to listen, advise, teach, guide, and model what it means to be a woman after God’s heart. They’ve humbly offered their victories and their failures as examples that I can learn from. My spiritual mamas, like my own mother, have endured my endless chatter, heard my complaints, and have even seen me at my very worst. Instead of reprimanding me and making me feel small, they have encouraged and challenged me. 

I would not be the woman I am today without the community of women who have surrounded me with love. I am richly blessed beyond what I can express. If there weren’t so many of you, I would be tempted to reach out to all of you, individually, with a hug and a rose today. You are each very beautiful and special to me.

Not all of you have children of your own. I hope that young women (like myself), who are currently in your proximity, were able to hug your neck today and share words of encouragement. We need you. Your vulnerability and strength were not wasted on us. 

Happy spiritual mamas day to you all!

(If the age issue bothers you, you can consider today spiritual older sister day 😉.)

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