Purposefully Thankful

I went to school yesterday, skipped lunch, had a pizza for dinner (alone) and couldn’t be happier about it! Truly. Instead of misery, I chose joy. This is what I have been waiting for. Moping yesterday would have been a harder task.

I exchanged texts with friends and family yesterday, smiling all the way through. It was fun to see their enjoyment and I didn’t feel left out. I kept thinking about how my life was different now.

I’m thankful for this phase of life. It’s challenging, but most great things are. I’ve turned a corner in my perspective. I walk unfamiliar streets with excitement and wonder. My mistakes make me laugh. The dark weather doesn’t depress me. It only makes my apartment feel brighter, cozier.

One thing. One small thing made a huge difference… Purpose. I had a taste of it and it filled me.

A few days ago, I arranged an outing for my language class. It was easy, but it had not yet been done. This was our first attempt to hang out, outside of class. Half of our group met for dinner and a movie. The outing was a great success!!

We all enjoyed each other’s company and started planning our next outing at the end of the night, because we were having so much fun. By the next class day, strangers had already begun to feel like friends. Our break times were filled with conversation, instead of the typical silence.

Due to a German holiday, which is only celebrated in this small portion of Saxony, we didn’t have school the day after our outing. Though I could have wasted my day watching movies and sleeping, I was very productive. I was energized!! This small success reminded me of my purpose for being here. This encouragement was all I needed to get through Thanksgiving without any kind of self pity.

Thank you for all of your messages and prayers. I am thankful and content.