Purposefully Thankful

I went to school yesterday, skipped lunch, had a pizza for dinner (alone) and couldn’t be happier about it! Truly. Instead of misery, I chose joy. This is what I have been waiting for. Moping yesterday would have been a harder task.

I exchanged texts with friends and family yesterday, smiling all the way through. It was fun to see their enjoyment and I didn’t feel left out. I kept thinking about how my life was different now.

I’m thankful for this phase of life. It’s challenging, but most great things are. I’ve turned a corner in my perspective. I walk unfamiliar streets with excitement and wonder. My mistakes make me laugh. The dark weather doesn’t depress me. It only makes my apartment feel brighter, cozier.

One thing. One small thing made a huge difference… Purpose. I had a taste of it and it filled me.

A few days ago, I arranged an outing for my language class. It was easy, but it had not yet been done. This was our first attempt to hang out, outside of class. Half of our group met for dinner and a movie. The outing was a great success!!

We all enjoyed each other’s company and started planning our next outing at the end of the night, because we were having so much fun. By the next class day, strangers had already begun to feel like friends. Our break times were filled with conversation, instead of the typical silence.

Due to a German holiday, which is only celebrated in this small portion of Saxony, we didn’t have school the day after our outing. Though I could have wasted my day watching movies and sleeping, I was very productive. I was energized!! This small success reminded me of my purpose for being here. This encouragement was all I needed to get through Thanksgiving without any kind of self pity.

Thank you for all of your messages and prayers. I am thankful and content.

Gains and Losses

This morning, I thanked God for something I have lamented for the past 3 years: that I didn’t get here sooner. I wonder if my Father in heaven was comforted by this moment each time I cried to Him with impatience. I wonder at His wisdom and love every time I begged Him to provide for the task He had asked me to do. This is one moment, of many, in which I have seen that His way is always best. The richness of His grace has overwhelmed me.

I have been raising funds to return to Germany, as a long term missionary, since February of 2015. My belief was that I would make the switch to long term missions and move overseas again in less than 2 years. I really had hoped it would only take one year. Being in Orlando longer than a year would inevitably lead to new relationships that I would have to part from. I was very aware of this and content to avoid it.

For a year, I was able to focus on the task at hand. I spent 3 months doing little more than seeking the Lord’s will in the mission field I should join long term. I began missionary dating. No, I didn’t date a non believer. I wrote emails and Skyped with missionaries around the world about their fields. My heart had decided on Germany, but I wasn’t sure that God was the one leading my heart at that point. I had to be sure.

After submitting to the plan God had already put in motion, to lead me back to Germany, I began the process of becoming a career missionary with The Evangelical Alliance Mission. This process became time consuming. I had much to do before I could be accepted and much more to do after I was accepted. The only people I spent time with were my family, small group (made of people I already knew), and friends of my mom. I wasn’t interested in making any new friends of my own.

When I moved away from South Carolina, in 2011, I was unaware of what I was really giving up. I knew I would be back in the summer, so my goodbyes weren’t hard. Yet, I quickly learned that I was sacrificing much. I missed weddings, births, and funerals. Most importantly, I missed out on every day life with the ones I loved most.

My “little sister” must have gone through 3 casts, from broken bones, while I was gone. I missed the opportunity to talk to her about her boyfriends, to take her to youth group, and to process her complicated family relationships with her. Skype could not replace the every day. I wasn’t there for dance recitals or dates to homecoming dances. I missed the every day and she continued to grow up without me.

I can barely speak of the one person I am most sad about missing… Madelynn Curtis Nelson. Tears have already made typing nearly impossible. This beautiful soul only dwelt among us for a few years. The few years that I missed. Amanda Jo is one of my dearest friends and I missed the entire life of her precious daughter, taken by a terrible cancer. I had a few opportunities to visit this beautiful girl in healthy and also terrible stages of her life. Yet, I never got to hold her, love on her, and become her buddy. I missed her life completely.

The mission is the only thing which eased this pain of loss. I quickly gained relationships with students and staff of The Black Forest Academy. These relationships were/are beautiful. They felt fated. As soon as I met my small group, I knew they were one of the most important reasons for my sacrifice. The friendships I gained with teachers along the way were/are special, but they were a bonus.

Yet again, these relationships became hard to move away from in pursuit of God’s calling. The only thing which helped me move away from those I loved (as much as people I had known much longer) was the fact that they would also be leaving Germany. My closest friend remained in Germany, but she and her husband were only among a few that I knew who were staying. I was glad they remained, because I hoped to be reunited with them after a year of fundraising. However, they ended up moving back to the US a few months before I moved back to Germany. Again, I missed being a part of their little girl’s life. I am a stranger to her.

Building relationships which I would have to leave was not part of my plan for the fundraising process. It was a pain I wished to avoid. Yet, two situations changed my resolve. First, I realized that the fundraising process would take longer than anticipated and I would need a steady job to support myself in the process. This led me to Publix, where God convicted me about loving others around me in the moment. I couldn’t expect to be successful in building relationships with strangers in Germany if I couldn’t first do the same in my home country. Second, a need which I could not ignore arose in my sending church. Westwood needed a student pastor for a short period of time, while they looked for someone to fill the role long term. I tried to put on my blinders and charge ahead toward the mission field, ignoring the job I knew I could fill. My God given heart for teenagers stopped me dead in my tracks. I had to take the job. I had to give up my resolve to leave Florida without new relationships to sacrifice.

God knew best, of course. My time at Westwood was challenging, but more rich and rewarding than I could have imagined previously. I moved back to Germany with a solid support system from a church I truly consider to be my family. This post would fill many screens if I took the time to describe each relationship I gained during this period of waiting I endured/enjoyed.

I gained relationships with teenagers who will lead the church. I received wisdom and instruction from pastors and mentors. I gained sisters in Christ. I spent time sharing with young women who also plan to join the mission field. I also gained many young friends. These are the new relationships which hurt very much to leave. Yet, I am so much richer.

This period of waiting for funds changed me. God used relationships to eradicate sins which had permeated my life. I had believed they were in my past, but their effect lingered. This period of time also taught me much about love, friendship, and evangelism. I had always struggled to obey God in evangelism because I was simply focused on obedience. During this time, God increased my heart for those who didn’t know Him exponentially.

I lost time with loved ones the last time I left for Germany, but I gained time in this period of waiting. I was present for weddings, births, and funerals which I may have missed if I had moved earlier. More importantly, I gained time in the every day life of my family and new close friends.

None of these relationships were lost. They are all a part of the glorious riches God promised in Ephesians 1, which He lavished upon me. However, I am eager to see which relationships and lessons I gain in this sacrifice of time with others.

I apologize for the lack of pictures and video. This blog was hard enough to write without including them. If I had begun to dig those up, you may never have read these words.

Depressed, but Happy

*I am well aware of what clinical depression is and the seriousness of it. This blog is meant to be a personal expression. It is NOT a guide for how to heal depression. It looks different, with differing severity, for each person who suffers.*

I’m depressed, but I’m happy. It’s possible. Depression is physiological, as well as psychological. Physiologically, it runs in my family. We tend to be on a different page psychologically though. For some members, it’s externalized in anger. Others have trouble controlling tears. For me, it usually manifests itself in a mental fog. On the worst of days, it’s debilitating for any of us.
I have a list of ways to combat this state of being. Truthfully, I tend to start with indulgence. I eat comfort food, watch comfort tv/movies, and retreat from responsibility. When that doesn’t work (because it never does), I move on to the advice I give others. I get on a regular sleep schedule, I spend time in the sun, I find small ways to be productive, I spend time with people (extrovert), and I regulate my anti-anxiety meds better. This helps a little, but nothing improves my sad state like these two things: thankfulness and selflessness.
I’m currently typing this blog with one thumb, while I look out on a beautiful lake. The other hand is steadying a delicious cup of coffee. Bethel is passionately singing the truth of God on the iPad beside me. It’s not hard to be thankful while I’m enjoying the sun AND a cool breeze, as well as the things aforementioned.
Being thankful always begins with truth. A depressed person, or any unhappy person, may read the last paragraph and think to themselves: “Well of course she’s happy! Who wouldn’t be with that kind of morning?!” There’s almost always someone looking on to our life who feels they have it worse though. Without having to go deep, I can tell you that almost any person reading this blog is a fortunate person. Why? Well, because it means that you have a device on which you can read it, as well as internet. That’s pretty great. That doesn’t mean you can’t be dealing with something terrible. Rich people have real life problems too.
Even when I feel that I have nothing and that my life circumstances are bad, I know that I have Christ. I repeat scripture to myself over and over again, like a chant. Psalm 145 (sung by Shane & Shane), Romans 8, and Ephesians 1 (as well as the rest of the book) are the first places I go to for a reminder of the great love that I have in my life. I make lists of the blessings I know of. Sometimes I find myself writing without real appreciation. I know that it will take awhile, but I push through. Eventually, I am overwhelmed by the love that God has lavished upon me. Trust me when I say that I know that my life is great and that I have nothing to complain about. Depression isn’t about logic.
The second step on my road to recovery looks different from day to day. I won’t pretend that I am good at being selfless. In most cases, the things that I do for others are MUCH more gratifying for me than they are for them. In fact, I couldn’t even say that these acts of kindness were in any way selfless. I usually anticipate the pleasure that comes from doing things for other people. At the root of my deeds, I typically find a desire to be liked and needed. However, I do try really hard to put this aside. Romans 12:9 convicts me daily- “Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.” If that wasn’t enough, Philippians 2:3,4 does the trick- “Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.” What I’m saying is that the apostle Paul really knows how to kick my butt.
Each of these steps is accomplished best through prayer and meditation. I cannot say that thankfulness and selflessness heal my brain, but they always help my heart. Thankfulness helps me find joy in the Lord by reminding me of truth. Selflessness gives me joy through expressing love and truth. I haven’t found the energy to be productive today, but I found the emotional energy to write this blog. That’s something.

Are you in need of some truth today? Music speaks to my soul. It’s a gift from God. These albums usually lift my spirits, even if they don’t clear my mental fog:



Sisterly Love



I have had 4 best friends in my lifetime thus far. Each person has contributed to my life in a special way, but one will always stick out among the rest. Laura did something special for me that I was only able to articulate through grief counseling, after her passing. I found this truth in an old journal I came across recently. My therapist thought it was profound enough for me to write down.

“Laura and I helped free one another from (the bad bits of) our past. We enabled each other to become more whole. We gave each other the ability to live life more fully.”

I realize that my time with Laura was life changing for 3 reasons. Our friendship came at an important period of growth- college. My time with Laura was limited, so it remains a precious memory. Laura also reflected Jesus better than any other human I have ever known.

In retrospect, I have learned most of what I know about friendship from my time with Laura. However, I have found many principles in scripture which have deepened what I remember of her. She wasn’t original. She just exemplified these things in my life.

1 Peter 1:22- You were cleansed from your sins when you obeyed the truth, so now you must show sincere love to each other as brothers and sisters. Love each other deeply with all your heart.

The word “deeply” sounds romantic. The greek word there is ektenos. It means earnestly, fervently, and intensely. None of those words sound less serious than the other. Peter, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, commanded us to intensely love one another with our whole hearts. Laura did that for me and now I can’t help but do that for others. I’m not perfect. I’m far from being selfless. I do tend to be accused of being intense though. I got that from Laura, who lived this passage well.

John 13:34- So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.

This is an impossible task. How could anyone love another person the way Jesus loved us? It’s only with God’s help. We cannot do this in our human nature. We can only love each other with a holy love when we are possessed by the holy one. I won’t pretend that Laura was perfect, but I have a hundred stories about how she loved me with a holy love. I am challenged to do this for others daily.

1 Peter 3:8- All of you should be of one mind. Sympathize with each other. Love each other as brothers and sisters. Be tender-hearted, and keep a humble attitude.

Being tender-hearted was a great challenge Laura pushed me through. I came to college with many walls. I wanted to be tough and unaffected by the feelings of others. Instead, I came out of college more empathetic than I could have dreamed of being. Laura taught me compassion for my fellow brothers and sisters. Sometimes I wish that I could reverse this life lesson, because being cold feels like winning. Being tenderhearted means being vulnerable. I’ve only learned how vulnerability is true strength since her passing.

Romans 12:15- Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.

In this chapter, Paul commanded us to love each other genuinely, rather than pretending. I believe verse 15 is part of the practical application of that command. This is what was modeled for me through Laura. We laughed and played together when we were happy. We held each other and wept together when we were sad.

When I think back on this God-given friendship, I am reminded of David and Jonathan. 1 Samuel 18 says that their souls were knit together. I have never heard one man say that about their friendship with another man. I haven’t even heard a woman say that about her relationship with another woman. It seems too intense. Yet, it was true of a pure friendship in the Old Testament. After Jonathan’s death, David describes his love as being deeper than the love of a woman.

I strongly believe that biblical friendships would clear up some of the sexual confusion our world faces today. We’ve made love sexual because we do not understand deep brotherly love. I have much more to say about this, but I will save it for my next blog. For now, I will leave you with a challenge. How are you doing in the friend department? Are the truths in these passages a goal of yours? They’re a goal of mine. I’m far from achieving them, but I’ve got them in mind. I’m hoping you will keep them in your mind as well. A little brotherly love could go a long way in today’s hateful world.

Out of Place

Have you ever thought about another place in the world continuing without you? Places you’ve visited, homes you’ve lived in, or people you once knew? In your mind, they remain frozen as a memory. Yet, they continue outside of your presence.

Sometimes I think about the fun sites I’ve been to. Places like Florence Italy are discovered by new visitors every day, but it stays with me like a favorite movie. It’s still there, existing without me.

Revisiting favorite places can be comforting, but it can also have the opposite effect. I have felt lost in familiar places before. I remember visiting the dorms of Columbia International University after Laura died. A place which formerly felt like home left me feeling sad and empty.

I am experiencing that lostness again. Home doesn’t feel the same. My church doesn’t feel the same. South Carolina barely remembers me. Black Forest Academy is a different school. Dresden moves forward without me. It’s all different and I feel out of place.

I don’t think I should be here, but I am. I can’t figure out why. A small amount of money stands between me and Germany, yet it feels insurmountable.

I’m ready to go, but I can’t.



I’m 34. Is there a cute pop song for 34? Switchfoot had some great coming of age songs. I think Jon Foreman stopped making those songs when he turned 25. Is 25 the beginning of the end of youth?

What should one have accomplished by this age? I don’t own a home. I don’t own a car. I’m not debt-free. I don’t have a full-time job. I have no husband. I have no children. These are things my culture values. I don’t have them.

I measure accomplishment differently. I’ve had different experiences. Different life lessons. I’ve earned my gray hair by different means.

These are the adventures through which God has given me wisdom and instilled some semblance of maturity:

2 countries lived in

10 countries visited

10 homes

14 roommates

4 years of undergrad

9 years of seminary

3 years as the Associate Youth Pastor of East Lake

3 years full time at All American Imaging

3 years of teaching at the Black Forest Academy

3 years of fundraising for a long term mission to Dresden

(Publix employee and Westwood youth pastor mixed in there)

Things I can’t count:


Students I have known and loved

Ikea furniture I have purchased and assembled

Life has been grand. No matter what I don’t have, I could never complain. I didn’t really pursue the American dream, so I didn’t achieve it. Instead, I received opportunity. I have had an opportunity for education, for travel, and for friendship.

What’s next? I can never know for sure. I’m eagerly waiting for my funding to come through for a move to Germany. The project I am joining is long term. I know that is where God has called me. As much as I love where I am and what I am doing, I must go.

If I can stay in one place longer than 3 years, I will achieve something new. In the past, God has used previous pieces of my life to prepare me for the next part of my journey. I hope and believe that this next part of the journey will recall ALL of my life lessons and experience.

I look forward to what is ahead and how God intends to shape me. 34 isn’t an exciting number, but this will be an exciting year. God is stretching me and making me into something new. I look forward to seeing how I’ve changed by age 35. Maybe I’ll write my own cute pop song.

Lexi’s Favorite Things

I’m not Oprah. I don’t have the money to buy everything I could possibly want. This Christmas, I can barely afford the Christmas cards I just ordered. I do, however, have a few favorite possessions to share with you. By sharing these items with you, I hope to expose what is most important in my life. I’m also hoping to give you a few ideas for your own Christmas list. We all know that presents aren’t what Christmas is about, but it would be great if the gifts that we shared brought us closer to Christ, in one way or another.

20. Handmade Mugs



I have an absurd collection of mugs. Ask my parents about my collection if you are interested in seeing the hardest eye-roll of all time. I don’t pay enough rent for the space my precious pieces of art occupy. Yes, it’s an addiction. Really though, you haven’t had the full coffee (or sub-par hot beverage of your choice) experience if you haven’t enjoyed said beverage in a handmade mug. 

19. Double Wall Stainless French Press



Why rush the morning experience?! Make quality coffee and take as much time as you want to enjoy it. I hate when my coffee gets cold and I hate bad coffee. This beauty is the answer to both. Don’t let the french press intimidate you! If you can work a plunger and patiently wait 4 to 5 minutes, you can handle this complicated mechanism. 

18. Fine No Bleed Sharpies



Secretly, I’m a nerd. I like to read and write stuff. Sometimes I use technology for these hobbies, but I often prefer the sensory experience of real paper. I also like to combine these hobbies. After years of suffering pencils and weak pens, I found these bad boys! This incredible tool is fantastic for writing in Bibles, books, and nice notebooks. 

17. Classic Moleskine Notebook



Neither masculine, nor feminine, this notebook is perfect for all! As I get older, I find that I forget just about everything. Google and my iPhone are the tools I turn to most often as a solution. I reserve my important thoughts, however, for a worthy writing space. These notebooks are sturdy and last forever. They don’t fall apart. Do yourself a favor and get a few!

16. Dry Sacks



The great Texas Pete fiasco of 2012 has led me to invest in dry packing sacks like these. There I was, in the handicapped bathroom of the Heathrow Airport, trying to decide which possessions could be salvaged. A bus driver, who obviously hated his job and/or my heavy luggage, had carelessly thrown my duffel bag to the curb. My large bottle of hot sauce broke and poured all over the contents of my luggage. Thankfully I had intentionally chosen to pack the bottle in a waterproof duffle. Bags like these have made packing simple and mess free since then. I only have one set now, but I plan to buy a couple more sets and a few sets of packing cubes before I move to Dresden. 

15. Passport Wallet



This item may not interest very many of you. I’ve found that it’s hard to juggle multiple forms of currency, important IDs, and my passport. I opted for a large, stylish wallet from Target a few years ago. I haven’t been disappointed. If you don’t have a passport, start with that! It’s important. You may not have the finance to travel luxuriously, but you never know when you might need it. 

14. Scarves



Don’t get hung up on the fringe. Any scarf will do. This is an essential for all females and most males. Unless you live in a hot place, like Florida, you should have at least 2 really great scarves. I own about 35, but whatever. Scarves are the best way to stay warm and dress up a simple t-shirt. They also help provide variety when you’re stuck in the same coat all winter. I live in Florida for now and only have about 2 days of the year in which I can get away with wearing one. The scarf becomes a sweat rag otherwise.

13. Gap Utility Jacket



Everyone’s style is different. Don’t worry, there are lots of different utility jacket styles. They are all, however, available in muted tones. These jackets are light, easy to pack, and perfect for travel. Maybe they aren’t your style. That’s what the scarves are for silly! 

12. Shoes: Sperrys, Airwalks, Crocs



Remember when breaking shoes in was a thing? If this isn’t a familiar concept, you should buy a new pair of shoes and then wear them to a theme park for a day. You’ll learn. Anyway, these are the kind of shoes that really need to be broken in. They are, however, the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned. If you can get over the idea of having visually fresh shoes, you need a pair. These shoes go the distance!



Like a pair of Chucks, these shoes are classic. I love them because they are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. I own 4 pairs myself. I wait for a good sale and buy a new color.



Don’t hate! I know America has cast these aside as the ugly duckling of footwear. Crocs make excellent house shoes though. You don’t wear house shoes? Point at my ugly footwear all you want. At least my feet are clean!

11. TOMS Bag



A friend gave me this bag for my birthday. It has quickly become one of my favorite possessions. It’s a great day bag. I’m transient. Always on the go. Whether going to the gym or a short trip, this bag fits it all. It’s easy to sling over the shoulder, like Jason Bourne’s fancy bank bag. If only I had the currency to go with it. 

10. Leather Messenger Bag



This was a Christmas present from my brother. He gave me the cash and let me have the pleasure of doing the research. That’s not sarcasm. I love researching a good deal! After weeks, I settled on this bag. I didn’t expect this bag to be the highest quality, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this dealer to anyone. I LOVE this piece. I carry my favorite Bible, journal, sharpies, wallet, and iPad mini in it daily. 

9. City Maps 2 Go App


If you plan to travel ANYWHERE outside of the US, you MUST purchase this app. Sure, download the free version to try it out. Get the real deal before you travel though. I believe that I paid 2.99 when I purchased the app in 2012. I’m not surprised that the price has gone up. It’s totally worth it! The app is essential because it allows you to download maps that are searchable offline. Internet is not easy to find abroad. You may have internet where you stay, but it’s not common to find open wi-fi on the street. This app has guided me through Paris, Vienna, Split (Croatia), Amsterdam, Prague, and many German cities.  Within the app, you can save locations, take notes, read Wikipedia information, and even see lists of locations by category (hotels, restaurants, public transit, etc). 

8. Spotify Premium



I love checking out new bands and making playlists. The short preview clips on iTunes don’t always give me enough to know if I want to purchase a song or album. Through Spotify, I’ve been able to check out new music more easily. They also have an incredibly extensive catalog. I’ve been able to find everything I’ve searched for. You can even share playlists, which is a fun bonus. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that you pay $120 a year for music. Get on a family plan. You can put 5 people on a $15 a month plan. Yes, it’s totally worth $36 a year. 

7. Amazon Prime



I pick the cheapest shipping on all websites EVERY time. This does not exclude Amazon. Technically, I would only have to have 25 items shipped to me, within a year, to add up to the $100 annual fee of Prime.  I’ve had 35 items shipped to me, through Amazon, since July. I got lazy and stopped counting. Let’s just double that number and say that I’ve had 60 items shipped to me this year. That would have cost me $240. Would I have shopped that much if I had to pay for shipping every time? No, certainly not. This isn’t the classic coupon addiction though. Amazon almost always has the cheapest price on just about everything I would be buying anyway. Not only that, but having Prime also gives you access to Prime Video and Prime Music. 

I was smart enough to dive into this concept when I was still in school. So, I have a Student Prime account, which is only $50 a year. Students, I know $50 is like $5,000 to you. Make sure you do this while you can though. If you get locked in at this rate, you can always renew the membership at that rate. I haven’t been a student for a couple of years now, but I still only pay $50. As a bonus, I get $10 for anyone who signs up using my link. 

6. Sony Camera



I’m a Canon camera person. Why? Trey Love and All American Imaging. That’s all. That’s really the only reason. I used Nikon cameras at BFA though. I like them too. This camera is very special though. First of all, it’s small. It has all of the features of a DSLR, but it’s the size of a typical point-and-shoot camera. Second, lens attachment options allow the user to pick between lenses for both Canon AND Nikon. Third, it has a wide ISO range. I love this camera because I can travel easily with it and take high quality photos. The price isn’t bad either. I purchased mine through a Black Friday sale last year. For me, it was a tax write off.

5. iPad Mini



I never thought I would own one of these. Ipads used to be very expensive and non-essential. They were merely a luxury for people who had money. That’s how I saw them anyway. THEN a generous person gave BFA enough money to buy iPads for all of the staff. That was the beginning of my addiction. I used the iPad like a mini computer and a small television. Unfortunately, that iPad fell on concrete and broke. I saved my money, like a responsible person, and purchased a smaller version with a much higher storage space. I wanted something that was easy to travel with. I also needed something that I could store a lot on. Since I travel, I mostly buy digital books. I also wanted to use my ipad for photo and video editing on the go. My Sony camera sends photos to my ipad through bluetooth and I have an SD card adapter. Ipads have been around long enough now that used and refurbished models can be purchased for a really great price.

4. ESV Journaling Bible



This would be #1 if it were smaller and easily searchable. The next three items have one thing in common: they are digital. Therefore, I have them with me everywhere I go and they are easily searchable. However, THIS. This is worth every penny. Why would I spend money on anything else on this list, but not invest in a great Bible? I wouldn’t do that, so I wouldn’t recommend that you do that. 

The leather binding is aesthetically pleasing as well as useful. I am particular about keeping my Bible pages crisp. This does the job without being ugly, like the Bible cases of yore. I’m only building to the best part though… the journaling space!! I LOVE writing in my Bible. I’m a journaler, as you have seen earlier, but I go through journals pretty quickly. When I discover something amazing in Scripture, I want to write the note where I will see it the next time I read the same passage. 

Don’t be cheap. If you’re going to invest in anything, invest in a good Bible. Yes, anyone can download a free Bible app. Wouldn’t you like to say that your most prized possession is the Word of God though?

3. Systematic Theology (ebook)



I won’t try to convince you of a particular theology. I like this book because I think Wayne Grudem does a pretty good job of outlining multiple viewpoints of most theological topics. Having the iBooks version of this book is VERY useful. I do searches in this book all of the time. I don’t use it as much as my journaling Bible, but the digital version of any book will inevitably outlast any physical copy. That doesn’t mean that I like Systematic Theology more, but I do enjoy the utility of it. 

2. NIV Archaeological Bible (ebook)


Again, I love owning the digital version of this Bible because I will always have it, I can take it with me everywhere I go, and I can search it easily. More importantly, I love that I can count on this resource for cultural context. As I grow older, I feel like I am filling in the blanks of history. When I fill in the blanks, I get a better understanding of what I knew previously. This Bible shouldn’t substitute commentaries completely, but it’s easy to use and it doesn’t require a Bible College degree. Having one probably entices me to buy resources like this though. 

1.  NASB concordance app


This is hands down my favorite thing. I use it every single day. It’s worth FAR more than 6.99. This app enables me to see the Hebrew and Greek for most words. Not only does it show me the word, but it gives me extra definitions and lists every other verse where the word is used. This app allows me to do word studies every time I read Scripture. I still enjoy a physical concordance, but they are large and quite heavy. They also provide limited information: Scripture addresses and brief definitions. Please, this resource is often eye-opening and it’s cheap. 

If you’ve read this far, you know that coffee, travel, photography, and Bible study are the most important hobbies in my life. If you really know me, you didn’t have to read this blog to know that. Anyway, I hope that this blog was more than an insight into my life. I hope that I recommended something that you will find useful. Everyone has their own style. Much of this is my style. I’m hoping that studying Scripture is everyone’s style though. Take advantage of the resources I’ve presented and share some of yours with me! I would love to open a conversation with each of you about our favorite things.